Xbox Game Pass Reveals New Game Additions for September and October 2023

Xbox Game Pass has unveiled an exciting lineup of games set to join the service, extending from the present through October 3. This announcement comes hot on the heels of the early release of Lies of P, with its official launch date on September 19, granting fans an extra day of gaming enjoyment on September 18.

“Wave 2” Brings Five Day-One Titles

In the next installment of game additions, aptly dubbed “Wave 2,” Xbox Game Pass is introducing a total of five day-one titles. This surge in new arrivals enhances the game catalog and maintains the service’s commitment to quality offerings.

The Upcoming Titles

The eagerly anticipated lineup includes:

  1. Party Animals (Available on September 20 for Cloud and Console)
  2. Payday 3 (Coming on September 21 for Cloud, PC, and Xbox Series X/S)
  3. Cocoon (Scheduled for September 29, available on Console and PC)
  4. The Lamplighter’s League (Set to join on October 3, accessible on Cloud, PC, and Xbox Series X/S)
  5. Gotham Knights (Arriving on October 3 for Cloud, PC, and Xbox Series X/S)

A Diverse Range of Genres

This collection showcases the diversity of gaming experiences offered by Xbox Game Pass. Gamers can look forward to action-adventure titles, action RPGs, co-op first-person shooters, party brawlers, and even a souls like game, all added to the service simultaneously.

Early Access Trend

The recent trend of early access games continues, with Lies of P being made available ahead of its official launch. This follows a similar pattern seen with Payday 3, where early access led to server issues due to a surge in early-access players. Despite the occasional confusion with release dates, it’s undoubtedly a thrilling time for gamers eager to explore new titles.

A Perk for Xbox Game Pass Subscribers

Xbox Game Pass subscribers can anticipate a steady stream of game additions every month, providing a wealth of gaming opportunities and ensuring that the service remains an attractive choice for gamers of all preferences.

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