Three Key Factors Behind the Saints’ Victory Over the Panthers


The New Orleans Saints secured a hard-fought 20-17 victory over the Carolina Panthers, and several pivotal elements contributed to their success. The Saints’ formidable defense, Chris Olave’s standout performance, and a potent rushing attack played significant roles in securing this crucial win.

1. Dominant Saints Defense

In the initial stages of the game, the Saints’ defense under the guidance of Joe Woods put on an outstanding performance. They held the Panthers to just six points in the first half, a feat that set the tone for the game.

Notable defensive achievements in the first half included:

  • 1st Possession: Limited the Panthers to 31 yards, resulting in a field goal.
  • 2nd Possession: Forced a mere 4 yards, leading to a punt.
  • 3rd Possession: Held the Panthers to -3 yards, forcing another punt.
  • 4th Possession: Allowed only 22 yards before forcing a punt.
  • 5th Possession: Created a turnover with a 16-yard gain off a fumble.
  • 6th Possession: Allowed a mere 3 yards as the half concluded.

By halftime, the Panthers’ offense had gained a meager 88 total yards in just 11 minutes and 53 seconds. The Saints’ defense managed to secure a critical turnover in the first half, with defensive end Carl Granderson strip-sacking Bryce Young. While the Panthers would improve their offensive performance by the end of the game, the Saints’ defense had set the tone for their victory.

Dennis Allen, Saints’ defensive coordinator, highlighted the importance of effective pass rushing, stating, “Any team that can rush the passer with four and be effective with pressure on the quarterback, that’s a recipe for success in our league.”

Notable defensive statistics for the Saints:

  • Four sacks (Maye, Davis, Granderson, and Shepherd)
  • Six quarterback hits
  • Five tackles for loss (TFL)
  • Two passes defended
  • Turnovers forced: Carl Granderson – 1 forced fumble; Paulson Adebo – Fumble Recovery

2. Saints’ Dominant Rushing Attack

The Saints showcased a formidable rushing attack, which was crucial in controlling the game’s tempo. Jamaal Williams contributed nine carries for 29 yards, while Taysom Hill added four rushes for 24 yards. Tony Jones Jr., who was elevated from the practice squad, played a pivotal role with 12 carries for 34 yards and two touchdowns. Despite Williams exiting the game due to a hamstring injury in the second quarter, the rushing attack remained potent.

Taysom Hill also made significant contributions, amassing nine rushes for an impressive 75 yards. Pete Carmichael’s strategic focus on running the football up the middle allowed the Saints to dictate the game’s pace and ultimately paid off in their favor.

3. Chris Olave’s Exceptional Performance

Chris Olave, the young wide receiver, showcased brilliance throughout the game, building a strong connection with quarterback Derek Carr. Olave’s one-handed 42-yard catch on a critical 3rd-and-7 play in the third quarter injected energy and momentum into the Saints’ offense. This remarkable catch paved the way for Tony Jones Jr.’s first touchdown, giving the Saints a 13-9 lead with 5:34 left in the quarter.

Olave was a consistent target, with 11 passes thrown his way, resulting in six receptions for an impressive 86 yards. In Carr’s passing arsenal, Olave’s performance stood out, especially considering that his primary target, Thomas, had seven receptions for 55 yards.


The New Orleans Saints’ 20-17 victory over the Carolina Panthers was a testament to their strong defensive effort, a potent rushing attack, and the standout performance of Chris Olave. This win has placed the Saints at 2-0, sharing the NFC South lead with the Falcons and Buccaneers. The Saints’ resilience and adaptability, especially in relying on their rushing phase when the passing game faced challenges, bode well for their upcoming matchups. Next up, the Saints will face the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, September 24, at 1 PM ET.

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