The Reason Behind Kenny Pickett’s Choice of Wearing Two Gloves

In the realm of NFL quarterbacks, Kenny Pickett has emerged as a distinctive figure due to his peculiar preference for wearing not one but two gloves during games. This unconventional choice has piqued the curiosity of many, especially given Pittsburgh’s often chilly weather. However, the story behind this unique strategy goes beyond mere protection against the elements.

Origin of the Two-Glove Strategy

Kenny Pickett’s affinity for sporting two gloves didn’t originate with his tenure at the Pittsburgh Steelers but dates back to his college days. While most NFL quarterbacks either opt for bare hands or a single glove on their non-throwing hand, Pickett’s approach is anything but conventional.

The catalyst for this unique practice occurred during his sophomore year at the University of Pittsburgh when North Carolina visited for an Atlantic Coast Conference showdown. Reflecting on this in a June 2022 interview on The Pat McAfee Show, Pickett revealed, “I did it once my sophomore year, but really after that North Carolina game you called, I stuck with it after that game. Coach (Mark) Whipple was like, ‘You know, it doesn’t have to be cold to rock the gloves.’ So I’ve worn them since then on out. It’s just kind of something that I enjoy, and I just feel more comfortable with it.”

In essence, Kenny Pickett’s choice to wear two gloves is primarily driven by his personal comfort rather than being a response to the weather. Intriguingly, his first-ever two-gloved game resulted in a thrilling 34-27 overtime victory over the Tar Heels, solidifying his belief in this unique superstition.

Kenny Pickett’s NFL Journey

Shifting the focus to Pickett’s NFL career, he has made appearances in a total of 14 regular-season games, demonstrating a commendable 8-6 record as a starter. His rookie year was particularly notable, boasting a 7-5 overall record and keeping the Steelers in contention for a playoff spot. In terms of statistics, Pickett has thrown for 2,858 yards, nine touchdowns, and 12 interceptions. In the current season, with two games under his belt, he has already accumulated 454 total passing yards and holds a 1-1 record with the Steelers.

The Upcoming Challenge

Kenny Pickett’s next challenge lies in facing the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday Night Football, where he aspires to add another victory to his burgeoning NFL career. In their previous encounter, he threw for 244 yards and secured a pivotal win over the Silver and Black on Christmas Eve, showcasing his potential as a rising star in the league.

In conclusion, Kenny Pickett’s unique choice of wearing two gloves is a testament to the power of personal comfort and superstition in the world of professional football. While it might raise eyebrows, it has become an integral part of his playing style, contributing to his success both in college and in the NFL.

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