The Nun III Release Date Rumors: What We Know So Far

Fans of the Conjuring Universe are eagerly anticipating news about the potential release date of ‘The Nun III,’ even as ‘The Nun II’ continues to haunt audiences. Here’s what we currently know about the release date of ‘The Nun III’ and what to expect.

Is there a ‘The Nun III’ release date?

As of the time of writing, ‘The Nun III’ has not yet received an official release date announcement. It is unlikely that ‘The Nun III’ will be released before ‘The Conjuring: Last Rites,’ which is expected to come out in 2025. Therefore, fans may need to exercise patience and anticipate a release date sometime around 2027 or 2028 for ‘The Nun III.’ This pattern is consistent with previous releases in ‘The Nun’ franchise, where each installment followed a respective ‘Conjuring’ installment. For example, ‘The Nun’ (2018) followed ‘The Conjuring 2,’ and ‘The Nun II’ followed ‘The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It.’

Please note that the 2027 and 2028 release dates are speculative estimates based on available information at this time.

What can we expect from the cast of ‘The Nun III’?

While details about the cast of ‘The Nun III’ remain unknown, it is likely that the film will continue to explore the stories of Sister Irene and the Demonic Valak, also known as The Nun. Consequently, fans can anticipate the potential return of Taissa Farmiga and Bonnie Aarons to reprise their roles as Irene and Valak.

Where will ‘The Nun III’ be released?

At the moment, there is no confirmation regarding whether ‘The Nun III’ will be released in theaters.

What might the storyline of ‘The Nun III’ entail?

Following the pattern of the first two films, ‘The Nun III’ is expected to depict The Nun or Valak causing further chaos and horror. While the conclusion of ‘The Nun II’ suggested Valak’s banishment to hell, it is possible that a part of her essence may remain, possibly hidden within Maurice, as seen in the first film when she possessed his body. Consequently, the third installment may witness the return of Maurice as a vessel for Valak, leading to more malevolent actions and destruction.”

Please note that information about ‘The Nun III’ is subject to change as official announcements are made.

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