Samsung Hints at Upcoming Galaxy Ring in Wearables App

Samsung Hints at Upcoming Galaxy Ring in Wearables App

In an intriguing development, Samsung appears to have inadvertently unveiled a potential new addition to its product lineup through its Galaxy Wearable app. Icons resembling a ring that can be worn on one’s finger have been discovered by South Korean users, igniting speculation about the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Ring, possibly in the coming year. This revelation has sparked excitement among those who prefer a ring over a smartwatch for tracking health metrics during sleep.

A Sneak Peek at the Samsung Galaxy Ring

Korean Samsung users recently stumbled upon iconography within the Galaxy Wearable app that strongly resembles a finger-worn ring. This unexpected discovery has set tongues wagging, with many pondering whether this hints at the imminent release of the Samsung Galaxy Ring. For some, the idea of utilizing a ring for health tracking instead of a smartwatch holds significant appeal.

A Rumor with Substance

The notion of a Samsung smart ring isn’t entirely new. Earlier this year, the company submitted a patent application to the Korean Intellectual Property Right Information Services, aptly titled “Galaxy Ring.” In this patent, the device was described as one designed for “measuring health indicators and/or sleep.” This revelation came hot on the heels of Samsung’s collaboration with Natural Cycles, a period-tracking company that relies on body temperature data to offer insights—a use case perfectly aligned with a smart ring. Samsung’s interest in such a product goes back as far as 2015, as evidenced by a patent filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), adding weight to the rumors circulating within Korean forums.

Uncovering the Clues

Additional evidence supporting the existence of the Galaxy Ring has been uncovered by 9to5Google. The website’s diligent code analysts have verified the presence of the name “Galaxy Ring” within the Galaxy Wearable app, affirming its connection to a specific product. Furthermore, the app includes references to “Bluetooth connectivity,” specifically tailored for the Galaxy Ring, offering a glimpse into the synchronization process for data transfer between devices.

Expanding the Smart Ring Category

The anticipation surrounding Samsung’s potential entry into the smart ring market is noteworthy. Such a move could help propel this product category into the mainstream, fostering increased competition. Currently, the Oura Ring stands as the prominent smart ring on the market, enjoying a near-monopoly in this niche. A Samsung smart ring, if launched, would likely integrate seamlessly with Samsung Health, enabling data sharing with other Android applications such as Google Fit and Strava.

Sleep Tracking Sans Smartwatch

Samsung’s arsenal already boasts an array of advanced sleep-tracking features. However, not everyone can comfortably wear a smartwatch while sleeping. The prospect of smart rings is particularly appealing to those who share this sentiment, as it could potentially offer valuable insights into sleep patterns and help decipher why some individuals wake up drenched in sweat each morning.

In the ever-evolving landscape of wearable technology, Samsung’s potential foray into smart rings represents a promising development, eagerly anticipated by tech enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals alike.

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