Paul Simon Addresses Hearing Loss at 'In Restless Dreams' Documentary Premiere

Paul Simon Addresses Hearing Loss at ‘In Restless Dreams’ Documentary Premiere

Renowned singer-songwriter Paul Simon, 81, opened up about his ongoing struggle with hearing loss at the premiere of the documentary, “In Restless Dreams: The Music of Paul Simon,” during the Toronto International Film Festival. Alongside documentary director Alex Gibney, Simon discussed his condition and his determination to continue performing.

Coming to Terms with Hearing Loss

Simon admitted that he hasn’t fully come to terms with his hearing loss, especially in his left ear, but he acknowledged that he is beginning to accept it. He expressed the significance of playing the guitar in his life, as it serves as both a creative outlet and a source of solace. Despite the challenges, he remains committed to making music.

Challenges of Performing with Hearing Loss

The iconic musician revealed that there has been no improvement in his left ear, making performing more challenging. He mentioned his intention to work with two guitarists in an upcoming project to help recreate his music, but integrating his voice with the guitars presents a unique challenge.

Continued Songwriting Despite Challenges

Simon hasn’t let his hearing loss hinder his songwriting. He mentioned composing a new song titled “When I Learned to Play Guitar.” While uncertain about its future, his dedication to music remains unwavering.

Paul Simon Addresses Hearing Loss at 'In Restless Dreams' Documentary Premiere

Hearing Loss Revelation

Earlier in May, Paul Simon shared the news of his hearing loss during an interview with the Times, revealing that it occurred while working on his album “Seven Psalms.” He described the sudden loss of hearing in his left ear as unexplained and how it made various aspects of his life more difficult.

Documentary Overview

“In Restless Dreams” explores Paul Simon’s illustrious six-decade career, including his time with childhood friend Art Garfunkel in Simon & Garfunkel, the creation of his iconic 1986 solo album “Graceland,” and his later years spent recording in his home studio in Texas. The documentary, directed by Alex Gibney, known for works like “Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room” and “Going Clear,” is set to be released at a later date.

Paul Simon continues to inspire audiences worldwide with his music, demonstrating that even in the face of challenges like hearing loss, his passion for creating music endures.

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