Modern Warfare II Season 6: ‘The Haunting’ Unveiled – A Detailed Exploration

Modern Warfare II enthusiasts, the time is nigh! Season 6, ominously titled ‘The Haunting,’ is poised to make its debut on September 27th, heralding a plethora of spine-chilling surprises and ghoulishly gripping content. Prepare to immerse yourself in a Halloween-themed extravaganza featuring an array of fresh operators, maps, weapons, game modes, and much more. As we delve into the eerie depths of ‘The Haunting,’ you’ll discover a cornucopia of frights and delights.

New Operators and Operator Skins

One of the standout attractions in Season 6 is the introduction of a diverse array of operators and operator skins, predominantly drawing inspiration from the iconic comic character, Spawn. These additions are set to ignite the enthusiasm of fans, promising a diverse cast of characters to choose from. However, it’s essential to recognize that operators and operator skins constitute merely a fraction of the grand tapestry of content that ‘The Haunting’ has in store for players.

A Halloween-Themed Spectacle

The overarching theme of Season 6 revolves around the spine-tingling spirit of Halloween, transforming ‘The Haunting’ into a spectacularly eerie holiday event for Modern Warfare II aficionados. This thematic underpinning permeates every facet of the forthcoming content, immersing players in a macabre atmosphere that befits the season. Modern Warfare II Modern Warfare II Modern Warfare II

Limited-Time Game Modes to Haunt Your Dreams

A substantial portion of the forthcoming content is centered around limited-time game modes, crafted to embrace the ghostly essence of ‘The Haunting.’ It’s crucial to note that these modes are scheduled to be introduced during the mid-season update, adding an extra layer of anticipation as we approach Halloween at the end of the month.

Operation Nightmare

Embarking on this nightmarish journey, players will find themselves in the harrowing setting of Al Mazrah. Operation Nightmare is chiefly a PvE-focused mode, urging players to unearth and vanquish eldritch horrors that have beset the map. The fate of Al Mazrah hangs in the balance, and players must confront an array of monstrous adversaries. An eerie bounty board further augments the challenges that await. Modern Warfare II Modern Warfare II Modern Warfare II


The cryptic moniker of this mode, Vondead, hints at a spine-tingling adventure set on the Vondel map. While the primary objective remains shrouded in mystery, it appears that Vondead will require players to contend with swarms of summoned zombies. Mysterious otherworldly occurrences will unfold at specific points of interest, promising hidden treasures.

Intriguingly, players will also be tasked with summoning a formidable “hulking demon,” a figure steeped in myth and legend known as The Butcher. Descending into the underworld to confront and conquer The Butcher offers enticing rewards, raising the tantalizing possibility of a crossover with the Diablo franchise. This speculation gains credence given the appearances of Lilith and Inarius from Diablo IV as operators in Season 6.

Zombie Royale

A familiar haunt from previous Haunting events, Zombie Royale returns with a slew of enhancements. The core gameplay remains largely unchanged – players engage in a battle royale mode, battling hordes of enemy zombie players. However, the twist lies in the afterlife, as defeated players can return as zombies armed with unique abilities. As they hunt down the remaining human operators, they must collect special syringes to escape their undead purgatory and rejoin the fray as humans. For veterans of Zombie Royale, these updates promise an exhilarating twist on the classic formula.

Vondead Lockdown

Vondead Lockdown serves as the last entrĂ©e in the menu of new limited-time modes for Warzone 2.0. It echoes the essence of Lockdown from season 4 but infuses it with the supernatural ‘Haunting’ twist, adding an intriguing layer of suspense to the familiar format. Modern Warfare II Modern Warfare II Modern Warfare II

The Haunting in DMZ

While DMZ won’t introduce a new game mode, players can explore Al Mazrah in DMZ to gather intelligence on the monstrous horrors slated to appear in Operation Nightmare. This preparatory mission sets the stage for the daunting challenges that await players. Modern Warfare II Modern Warfare II Modern Warfare II

A Haunting Playground with Six New Multiplayer Maps

Season 6 maintains the tradition of unveiling fresh multiplayer maps, expanding the roster to include six new battlegrounds. Four of these maps will be available at launch, with two being core maps suitable for various multiplayer modes: La Casa and Koro Village. Additionally, two new Gunfight maps, King and Fight, are on the horizon, evoking nostalgia for long-time fans.

Notably, Koro Village harks back to a map from Call of Duty 2 in 2005, while King is a firing range map that made its debut in Modern Warfare (2019). These returning maps promise a delightful trip down memory lane for seasoned players.

In a mid-season update, Activision plans to introduce ‘The Haunting’ versions of two maps: El Asilo and Embassy, tantalizing players with reskinned versions of these familiar locales. Modern Warfare II Modern Warfare II Modern Warfare II Modern Warfare II Modern Warfare II Modern Warfare II Modern Warfare II

Modern Warfare II Season 6: 'The Haunting' Unveiled - A Detailed Exploration

The Haunting in Multiplayer

Warzone may have garnered much of the ‘Haunting’ attention, but fear not – the multiplayer arena is not devoid of the eerie charm. Several multiplayer modes have received a “Haunting twist,” promising unique and spooky experiences. Kill Confirmed, Drop Zone (rebranded as Drop Zone Drop Scares), Infected, and Domination will feature subtle alterations to align with the Halloween theme. For instance, players in Drop Zone will need to exercise caution when opening crates, as unexpected surprises may lurk within.

Playing for Event Rewards

The Haunting-themed event of the season, known as Soul Capture, presents players with a classic collection-type challenge. Participants must gather souls from fallen enemies, with this endeavor spanning all game modes. Importantly, progress made in any mode contributes to overall event rewards, much like the mechanics of the Trophy Hunt event from season 3.

Daily Login Rewards: Trick or Treat

Consistency pays off in Season 6, as daily logins offer players a chance to reap rewards. While specific details remain shrouded in mystery, Activision tantalizingly promises a medley of free rewards that players can accumulate by logging in as ‘The Haunting’ event unfolds. Expect a variety of rewards, including skins, camos, charms, emblems, and calling cards, all infused with a ‘Haunting’ theme. Furthermore, ranked play enthusiasts can anticipate fresh rewards to incentivize their ascent up the competitive ladder.

A Cache of New Weapons

Weapons often take center stage in Call of Duty, and Season 6 presents players with a treasure trove of four new weapons. Three of these weapons will be accessible at the launch and can be unlocked through the battle pass. These include the Dual Kamas melee weapon, the ISO 9mm SMG, and the TR-76 Geist assault rifle. Intriguingly, the fourth weapon to make its appearance is none other than the DOOM Chainsaw, a nod to the iconic DOOM franchise.

This chainsaw will make its debut during the mid-season update, likely as part of a DOOM-themed bundle, though the specifics of the bundle remain undisclosed. Speculation abounds that the bundle may include an operator or operator skin bearing the unmistakable likeness of the DOOM Slayer armor.

New Operators and Skins Galore

The roster of operators and skins in Season 6 is a sight to behold. In addition to the main operators and skins detailed earlier, a surprise awaits PlayStation players in the form of the final Oni pack. This exclusive pack marks the culmination of Oni-themed content before the impending launch of Modern Warfare III. While details are scant, it appears that players will have the opportunity to carry forward the Oni packs they’ve acquired, making this the sixth and final installment.

Notably, there is no existing Oni skin in the game that mirrors the image presented, suggesting that a new Oni-themed skin is likely to grace Season 6, whether at launch or during the mid-season update remains uncertain. Modern Warfare II Modern Warfare II Modern Warfare II Modern Warfare II

Beware of Possessed Equipment

As if facing hordes of zombies and demons weren’t harrowing enough, players may now encounter possessed equipment during gameplay. Both the decoy grenade and the suppression mine have the potential to become conduits for otherworldly effects. The decoy grenade will intermingle the sounds of gunfire with eerie, inhuman, and monstrous noises, immersing players in a disconcerting auditory experience. Conversely, the suppression mine will unleash chilling screams of the departed, enveloping players in a harrowing cacophony and creating a hallucinatory audio assault.

The Enigmatic Blackcell Pass

The enigmatic Blackcell Pass introduces V4L3RIA, a human-machine hybrid operator distinguished by partially transparent skin, affording players a glimpse of her skeletal structure. V4L3RIA is also known for her robotic voice lines, lending her an eerie aura. This exclusive operator is accessible through the Blackcell Pass, priced at $29.99.

As the spectral specter of ‘The Haunting’ looms ever closer, anticipation reaches a fever pitch. Season 6 promises a chilling and thrilling adventure, laden with new content and heart-pounding experiences. Ready yourself to plunge into the depths of Season 6 and embrace the hauntingly captivating challenges that await.

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