Mina Kimes Inks Multi-Million Dollar ESPN Deal, Securing Her NFL Broadcasting Future!

One of the prominent free agents in NFL television broadcasting has opted to continue her journey with ESPN, inking a deal that will elevate her annual earnings beyond $2 million, according to sources familiar with the matter.

Mina Kimes, the accomplished analyst, has reached an agreement with ESPN that will see her annual compensation exceed $1.7 million. Additionally, she has forged a separate partnership with Peyton Manning’s Omaha Productions for her podcast. It’s worth noting that Omaha Productions has a collaborative agreement with ESPN. Mina Kimes Mina Kimes Mina Kimes Mina Kimes Mina Kimes

Dan Le Batard announced on Wednesday that Meadowlark has successfully retained Kimes, ensuring her continued weekly appearances.

Kimes’ role at ESPN remains largely unchanged, as she continues to be a prominent presence on “NFL Live” and makes regular appearances on various ESPN programs. This ESPN deal signifies a significant salary increase for Kimes, elevating her from a six-figure income to a seven-figure one. Her compensation now aligns closely with that of her “NFL Live” colleague, Marcus Spears, who recently signed a four-year deal.

While the precise duration of Kimes’ contract remains undisclosed, ESPN has been actively working to secure its top talent through the Super Bowl season in 2026-27.

Throughout the negotiation process, Kimes expressed her desire to remain with ESPN. However, it’s worth noting that her negotiations occurred during a challenging period. In June, ESPN underwent a round of layoffs that affected approximately 20 on-air personnel, signaling the network’s commitment to more stringent negotiations.

Sources indicate that top executives at ESPN were apprehensive during the summer about the possibility of losing Kimes, highlighting the significance of her decision to continue her association with the network.

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