LBank Exchange to List VANA (VANA) on September 11, 2023

LBank Exchange, a prominent global digital asset trading platform, is set to include VANA (VANA) in its roster of listed tokens on September 11, 2023. Commencing at 8:00 UTC on September 11, 2023, LBank Exchange users will gain access to the VANA/USDT trading pair for official trading.

VANA (VANA) has a mission to establish connections between digital assets and points within various gaming ecosystems and platforms using the power of blockchain technology. To achieve this, VANA provides a Software Development Kit (SDK) that facilitates seamless communication, operates a temporary record server to mitigate risks, and elevates user experiences through the utilization of VANA Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Introduction to VANA

LBank Exchange is excited to announce the upcoming listing of VANA (VANA), a project that aims to forge links between digital assets and points across gaming ecosystems and platforms, leveraging blockchain technology. VANA offers an SDK for smooth communication, maintains a temporary record server to minimize risks, and enhances user experiences by incorporating VANA NFTs.

Nirvana is introducing Vana Land, a luxurious metaverse that amalgamates virtual and real-world experiences, catering to users with substantial purchasing power. This platform endeavors to bridge the gap between the metaverse and reality, offering a plethora of exclusive benefits including memberships and NFTs. Users can anticipate a wide array of services, encompassing games, communities, and income-generating opportunities, all within an opulent digital ecosystem. The Honors Club, a specialized PFP series, and the Nirvana Token further amplify the exclusivity and worth of this metaverse.

Nirvana acknowledges the surging demand for digital luxury, targeting a demographic willing to invest in high-end digital experiences. The platform not only provides access to luxury items within the metaverse but also integrates shopping and payment solutions, effectively blurring the lines between virtual and real-world experiences. Nirvana’s membership model offers a comprehensive suite of luxury privileges, spanning both online and offline realms, making it an enticing proposition for users seeking an elevated lifestyle.

Furthermore, Nirvana leverages blockchain technology and NFTs to enrich the user experience. The NFT ecosystem extends beyond mere ownership, offering unique privileges and advantages, both online and offline. The platform’s commitment to enhancing user value and engagement through these innovative features positions Nirvana as a trailblazer in the emerging luxury metaverse landscape, promising a seamless fusion of digital extravagance and real-world opulence for its users.

About VANA Token

The Nirvana Token (VANA) serves as a measure of usability, currency exchangeability, and premium value standards within the Nirvana platform, marketplace, and PAY. It will play a pivotal role in supporting the expansion of the Nirvana project, enhancing user incentives, and increasing the value of users’ NFTs.

VANA, based on the ERC20 standard, boasts a total supply of 1 billion (i.e., 1,000,000,000). The distribution of tokens is as follows: 20% allocated for Play to Earn, 20% for PFP Holders, 10% for the Ecosystem Fund, 3% for IDO & Presale (accessible 1 year after the initial listing for a 2-month period), 4% for Community Air-Drop, 10% for the Team (accessible after 2 years), 20% for the Treasury (accessible after 3 years), 10% for Partners (accessible after 2 years), and 3% for Advisors (accessible after 2 years), with various lock-up periods designed to bolster the project’s long-term sustainability and growth. The listing of VANA on LBank Exchange is scheduled for 8:00 UTC on September 11, 2023. Investors interested in VANA will have the opportunity to easily trade it on LBank Exchange at that time.

About LBank

LBank, established in 2015, stands as one of the premier cryptocurrency exchanges globally. It offers specialized financial derivatives, expert asset management services, and secure cryptocurrency trading to its user base. With a presence in over 210 regions across the world, LBank has garnered a user base of over 9 million. It is a forward-looking platform dedicated to safeguarding users’ funds while actively contributing to the worldwide adoption of cryptocurrencies.

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