Huawei’s Nova 12 Series: Anticipating New Kirin Chip Integration

In the wake of Huawei’s recent launches, including the Huawei Mate X5 foldable phone and the Mate 60 series of flagship phones, the brand is making significant strides in the 5G-enabled smartphone arena despite previous US sanctions. As Huawei continues to expand its 5G smartphone offerings across various price points, rumors have begun to circulate about the development of the Nova 12 series of smartphones. These speculations also suggest that the Nova 12 might introduce a new Kirin chip to the Huawei lineup.

Evolution from Nova 11 to Nova 12

The Nova 11 series, unveiled earlier this year, encompassed various models such as the Nova 11i, Nova 11, Nova 11 Pro, and Nova 11 Ultra. Among them, the Nova 11i featured the Snapdragon 680 4G chip, while the other models were equipped with the Snapdragon 778G 4G chipset. However, there are indications that Huawei might make a significant shift in its upcoming Nova 12 lineup by incorporating its in-house Kirin chips.

Kirin 830: The Nova 12’s Probable Heart

According to a tipster from China, the forthcoming Nova model, part of the Nova 12 series, is expected to be powered by the Kirin 830 chipset. This Kirin variant is anticipated to share similarities with the Kirin 9000s chip while featuring fewer cores. The tipster also suggests that the pricing of the Nova 12 series will align closely with that of the Nova 1 series. Additionally, the Nova 12 series is likely to inherit distinct features from the Mate 60 series flagship phones, further enhancing its appeal. As of now, detailed specifications for the Nova 12 lineup remain undisclosed.

Expanding Huawei’s Horizon

In addition to the Nova 12 lineup, Huawei may potentially introduce other devices into its portfolio. These may include new Mate Pad tablets and a clamshell-style Pocket-series phone, all expected to incorporate Kirin chipsets. These developments reflect Huawei’s ongoing commitment to innovation and expansion in the tech market.

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