Ethereum Singapore 2023: Bridging Web3 Developers and Local Ecosystem

Ethereum Singapore 2023 is poised to kick off on September 10, ushering in a three-day event aimed at uniting developers, builders, and communities to foster the burgeoning Ethereum ecosystem. This gathering, supported by community partners such as the Ethereum Singapore Meetup Group, will shine a spotlight on Web3’s potential for positive impact by showcasing real-world use cases from local non-profit organizations. The event is anticipated to attract over 2000 developers from across the globe. Ethereum Singapore 2023 Ethereum Singapore 2023 Ethereum Singapore 2023 Ethereum Singapore 2023

Under the theme ‘Infinite Garden City,’ the event draws inspiration from Singapore’s identity as a city within a garden, echoing Ethereum’s vision as an ever-expanding garden that naturally flourishes with the nurturing of its community.

The primary objective is to cultivate a local footprint in the realm of non-profits and public goods, nurturing future talents while illustrating how local communities can collaborate to weave a vibrant tapestry within Singapore’s Ethereum ecosystem.

Qing Ze Hum, Lead of Ethereum Singapore 2023, stated, “Singapore has been the global exemplar of efficiency in transportation, infrastructure, and healthcare. We’re thrilled to shine a light on another facet of Singapore, its thriving local communities. Ethereum Singapore 2023 provides the Ethereum community with an opportunity to converge and address challenges while devising meaningful solutions in the non-profit sector, demonstrating to the world the potential of utilizing technology for the greater good.”

Shaun Djie, Founder of Ethereum Singapore Meetup Group, noted, “Since the inaugural Ethereum conference in 2015, the Singapore community has evolved into an Asian powerhouse, attracting a myriad of new Dapps, innovations, investment interests, and talent into the country. As we approach 2023, we hold great optimism for the next five years of this developer-centric conference.”

The event will encompass distinct thematic spaces, encompassing decentralized finance, infrastructure, security, layer 2 solutions, builders, and students, each serving as a nexus for the community while incubating innovative ideas and actions. From introductory workshops for those embarking on their journey in the Ethereum ecosystem to enlightening technical discussions on advanced subjects like privacy, scalability, and zero-knowledge technology, the event is tailored to appeal to technology enthusiasts and businesses alike, regardless of their stage of growth.

A notable highlight is the open-source hackathon dubbed ‘Hack for Good,’ which will address challenges outlined by local non-profits and social enterprises. It will incorporate quadratic funding, allowing participating organizations to vote for their preferred projects and determine the winners. The culmination of these efforts will result in an open-source playbook, destined for global publication, to serve as inspiration for individuals seeking to replicate similar initiatives within their local communities.

About Ethereum Singapore

Ethereum Singapore is dedicated to spotlighting and harnessing the potential of Web3 for positive impact. Driven by community partners, such as the Ethereum Singapore Meetup Group, it unites developers, builders, and creators on a single platform to address real-world challenges faced by non-profit organizations and showcase the capabilities of the Ethereum ecosystem. The event encompasses an open-source hackathon, engaging workshops, and enlightening discussions on technical Web3 topics.

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