Destiny 2 Unveils New Supers in The Final Shape DLC

Bungie, the renowned developer of Destiny 2, has offered a closer look at the upcoming Final Shape DLC, showcasing new Light super abilities for Warlocks, Hunters, and Titans. This exciting addition was briefly featured during the Destiny 2 Showcase event.

Balancing Light and Darkness

In the current state of Destiny 2, players have access to three Light subclasses and two Darkness subclasses. While Darkness subclasses like Stasis and Strand offer a single Super ability, the Light subclasses provide two super abilities for each character class. The recent Bungie showcase introduced players to the new Solar, Void, and Arc supers set to debut in the forthcoming expansion.

In-Depth Super Ability Previews

To offer players a comprehensive understanding of these new super abilities, Bungie has shared pre-alpha footage from internal playtests through three separate videos on its social media platforms. Let’s delve into the details of what each class can expect:

Warlocks – Song of Flame

Warlocks gain access to the Solar super ability known as “Song of Flame.” This ability allows Warlocks to unleash a barrage of solar projectiles using their grenade. Furthermore, it nearly instantaneously regenerates their melee ability and empowers the weapons of nearby allies. An unnamed Aspect was also unveiled, providing players with a Solar Buddy reminiscent of an Arc Soul, continuously firing projectiles at enemies.

Hunters – Storm’s Edge

Hunters will harness the power of Arc with their new super, “Storm’s Edge.” This ability enables Hunters to throw knives at enemies, teleporting to the thrown knife and releasing a pulse that annihilates nearby foes. Additionally, a new Aspect was showcased, where an Arc burst amplifies nearby allies, even if they do not have an Arc subclass equipped.

Titans – Twilight Arsenal

Titans receive the “Twilight Arsenal” super, which grants them the ability to hurl Void axes at enemies. These axes can also be picked up by teammates to inflict damage upon adversaries. The playtest video unveiled an Aspect that allows Titans to convert grenades into shields. These shields release a charge upon taking damage and push back enemies when depleted.

The Mystery of a New Subclass

Despite some speculation and leaks suggesting the introduction of a new subclass with The Final Shape DLC, the Bungie showcase did not reveal any such plans. While players had anticipated a Darkness subclass to balance the Light and Dark subclasses, no official confirmation has been provided by Bungie.

Introducing Subjugators and Changes

Alongside The Final Shape DLC, Bungie is introducing Subjugators, a new enemy type wielding Stasis and Strand powers. Additionally, Bungie recently announced the removal of Legendary Shards from Destiny 2, a decision that has sparked mixed reactions within the player community.

The Final Shape expansion promises to usher in a new era of gameplay in Destiny 2, with exciting super abilities and challenges awaiting Guardians. As the release date approaches, players can eagerly anticipate experiencing these new powers and facing the formidable Subjugators in the ever-evolving world of Destiny 2.

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