Demi Lovato Unleashes a Rock-Infused Transformation with ‘Revamped’ Album

Demi Lovato is taking a rock-inspired leap! The multi-talented artist dropped an exciting new album on Friday (September 15) that reimagines their classic tracks with a fresh rock twist, aptly titled “Revamped.”

The 10-track LP comprises some of Demi’s greatest hits (“Heart Attack,” “Sorry Not Sorry”) alongside beloved fan favorites (“La La Land,” “Tell Me You Love Me”). This time, the spotlight shines on electrifying guitars and Demi Lovato’s powerhouse vocals. Speaking with Billboard about the project, Lovato expressed their enthusiasm, saying, “It just feels really good. I’m really proud of the work that we did, and I’m excited for the songs to be out there.”

Lovato went on to explain how this album reignited their passion for these tracks, stating, “I think it reignited an excitement inside of me for those songs. Like, take ‘Give Your Heart a Break,’ for example: I got really tired of performing that one live because it had been in my catalog for so long, and it didn’t really reflect any sound that I had anymore. Even when I went more R&B-pop, it just wasn’t the kind of sound I was looking for anymore because it was just so pop. But when we put together the rock version, I was suddenly having a really fun time on stage performing it.”

Fans were treated to a preview of these rocked-out hits during Demi’s electrifying performance at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards earlier in the week. The medley included favorites like “Heart Attack,” “Sorry Not Sorry,” and “Cool for the Summer.”

This latest album follows Demi Lovato’s 2022 release, “Holy Fvck,” which introduced their rock musical talents to a whole new audience. The album made a splash by reaching No. 7 on the all-genre Billboard 200 albums chart upon its debut, and it claimed the top spot on the Billboard Hot Rock Albums chart on September 3, 2022.

“Revamped” is a thrilling journey into the rock realm for Demi Lovato and is now available for streaming, promising an exhilarating new musical experience for fans and newcomers alike.

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