Former Cricketer Venkatesh Prasad Clarifies Controversial Tweet

Former Indian cricketer Venkatesh Prasad has addressed a deleted tweet that caused a stir, clarifying its intent and extending its scope to various fields beyond cricket.

The Original Tweet and Deletion

On September 9, Prasad posted a tweet discussing the damaging impact of “one corrupt and arrogant individual” on an organization’s reputation and leadership. However, he later deleted this tweet, leading to confusion among his followers.

Clarification and Reinstatement

On September 10, Prasad reposted the same tweet, but this time with an additional line. He clarified that the tweet’s message applies universally, spanning politics, sports, journalism, and corporate sectors. This step was taken to clear up any misinterpretation that the tweet was aimed at criticizing the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).

Reason Behind Deletion

When questioned about the deletion of his original tweet, Prasad explained that it was intended as a general statement about the impact of corruption within an organization. However, given his earlier tweets critiquing the BCCI’s ticketing system, it seemed out of context and led to confusion, prompting its removal.

Criticizing BCCI’s Handling of the World Cup

In previous tweets, Prasad criticized the BCCI’s handling of the World Cup. He raised concerns about unreasonable scheduling delays and a lack of transparency in the ticketing system. He emphasized that hosting a World Cup should be a proud moment but expressed disappointment in the difficulties faced by fans, urging a shift away from complacency and a focus on national prestige.

Opposing ACC’s Unequal Rules

Venkatesh Prasad also voiced his opposition to the Asian Cricket Council’s (ACC) decision to allocate a reserve day exclusively for the India-Pakistan match in the Asia Cup 2023’s Super Four stage. He argued that such a distinction was unethical and called for fair treatment across the board.

ACC’s Announcement of Reserve Day

In response to Prasad’s criticism, ACC announced a reserve day for the India-Pakistan match scheduled for September 10 in Colombo, Sri Lanka. This decision ensures that if adverse weather conditions disrupt the game, it will continue on September 11 from the point of suspension.


Venkatesh Prasad’s clarification and subsequent tweets shed light on the importance of ethical practices in various fields and the need for transparent and efficient management in sports organizations. His commentary serves as a reminder of the significance of fair play and integrity in sports and beyond.

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