Borna Gojo’s Bold Take: Tennis Needs More Noise, Trash Talk, and Rule Changes!

Borna Gojo’s Thrilling Run at Flushing Meadows

As Borna Gojo sets the tennis world abuzz with his remarkable performance at Flushing Meadows, he not only showcases his powerful serve but also his unfiltered emotions. The 25-year-old from Split, Croatia, is making waves both on and off the court during the US Open.

A Spectacular US Open Journey

Borna Gojo’s journey at the US Open is nothing short of spectacular. Starting from the qualifying rounds, he has triumphed in five consecutive matches, losing only one set to Hamad Medjedovic in the first round of qualifiers. His most significant career victory came against an in-form Mackenzie McDonald in the second round (6-3 6-4 6-4). This run ensures that Gojo will break into the top 100 for the first time in his career, with a projected ranking of 88.

Emotional Insights from Gojo

During an interaction with a small group of journalists in his native Croatian, Borna Gojo shared his candid thoughts on various topics, offering a glimpse into his passionate personality.

The Need for More Excitement

Gojo doesn’t shy away from expressing his views on tennis. He appreciates the passion and noise in sports like football and believes tennis could use a similar atmosphere. He states, “I like it when the atmosphere gets a bit tense, because tennis is an extremely boring sport. As a spectator – you have to stay silent… I would change that, look at the other sports.”

Trash Talk and Rule Changes

The Croatian player advocates for rule changes in tennis to make it more engaging. He suggests allowing players to bring towels and introducing a bit of provocation or trash talk between opponents. Gojo feels that the current rules are too rigid and that tennis needs a fresh approach to engage both players and spectators.

Freedom for Spectators

Gojo also believes that spectators should have the freedom to move and talk during matches. He argues that allowing people to walk, talk, and cheer during points would enhance the overall experience and make tennis more accessible and exciting.

Addressing Swearing

Gojo doesn’t mince words when it comes to addressing swearing on the court. He dismisses the scrutiny and emphasizes that athletes should be allowed to express themselves naturally, much like in other sports. He states, “I can only laugh at things like that – is it really newsworthy when Luka Modrić (football player for Real Madrid) swears?”

Respect for the Big 3

Gojo shows respect for the legendary trio of Djokovic, Federer, and Nadal, acknowledging that each player has their unique approach to life and tennis. He appreciates their individuality and highlights that everyone in the world of sports follows their own path.

As Borna Gojo continues to make his mark on the tennis world, his unfiltered and honest perspective adds a refreshing twist to the sport. His journey at the US Open and candid insights into the game and its culture make him a player to watch both on and off the court.

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