Asia cup 2023: Ravindra Jadeja vs. Shakib Al Hasan – ODI Battle

Asia Cup 2023: Early Contenders and All-Round Duel

The Asia Cup 2023 has already witnessed two thrilling matches, with Bangladesh falling short against Sri Lanka by five wickets. India, on the other hand, prepares to embark on their journey in the tournament against arch-rivals Pakistan on September 2. For both teams, the upcoming matches are crucial, with Bangladesh needing a win against Afghanistan and India aiming to start their campaign on a high note. Asia cup 2023 Asia cup 2023 Asia cup 2023 Asia cup 2023

The All-Round Showdown: Shakib Al Hasan vs. Ravindra Jadeja

Both Bangladesh and India boast exceptional all-rounders in their squads, with Shakib Al Hasan and Ravindra Jadeja often finding themselves at the center of debates about the best all-rounders in the game. Let’s delve into their ODI statistics to see where this rivalry stands. Asia cup 2023 Asia cup 2023 Asia cup 2023

Ravindra Jadeja in ODI Cricket

Ravindra Jadeja made his ODI debut in 2009 and has significantly evolved as an all-rounder. Despite earlier struggles with inconsistency, he emerged as a top-notch player, particularly after his remarkable performance in the 2019 World Cup semi-final against New Zealand. Here are Jadeja’s ODI numbers:

StatisticsMatchesRunsHighest Score50s/100sWicketsEconomy4s/5s
Ravindra Jadeja17725608713/01944.917/1

Ravindra Jadeja’s ODI Stats Against Different Countries

  • Afghanistan: 2 matches, 25 runs, Highest Score: 25, 0/0 50s/100s, 7 wickets, Economy: 3.80, 1/0 4s/5s
  • Bangladesh: 11 matches, 101 runs, Highest Score: 32, 0/0 50s/100s, 11 wickets, Economy: 4.43, 1/0 4s/5s
  • Pakistan: 9 matches, 116 runs, Highest Score: 52*, 0/1 50s/100s, 10 wickets, Economy: 4.93, 0/0 4s/5s
  • Sri Lanka: 28 matches, 344 runs, Highest Score: 60*, 0/1 50s/100s, 25 wickets, Economy: 4.89, 2/0 4s/5s

Ravindra Jadeja’s Strengths

  • Adaptability with the bat: Jadeja can adjust his batting style according to the situation, playing either as an anchor or a finisher.
  • Economical with the ball: While not primarily a wicket-taker, his economy rate of 4.91 in ODIs adds immense value.
  • Brilliant fielder: Jadeja’s exceptional fielding skills further enhance his all-round capabilities.

Shakib Al Hasan in ODI Cricket

Currently ranked as the number one all-rounder in ODIs, Shakib Al Hasan is Bangladesh’s prime match-winner in this format. With 236 ODIs under his belt, he has amassed 7,216 runs and taken 307 wickets. Here are Shakib’s ODI numbers: Asia cup 2023 Asia cup 2023 Asia cup 2023

StatisticsMatchesRunsHighest Score50s/100sWicketsEconomy4s/5s
Shakib Al Hasan2367216134*53/93074.4310/4

Shakib Al Hasan’s ODI Stats Against Different Countries

  • Afghanistan: 13 matches, 367 runs, Highest Score: 63, 2/0 50s/100s, 27 wickets, Economy: 4.09, 2/1 4s/5s
  • India: 21 matches, 671 runs, Highest Score: 85, 8/0 50s/100s, 28 wickets, Economy: 4.90, 0/1 4s/5s
  • Pakistan: 16 matches, 553 runs, Highest Score: 108, 4/1 50s/100s, 21 wickets, Economy: 4.57, 0/0 4s/5s
  • Sri Lanka: 26 matches, 631 runs, Highest Score: 92*, 6/0 50s/100s, 20 wickets, Economy: 4.54, 0/0 4s/5s

Shakib Al Hasan’s Strengths

  • A complete all-rounder: Shakib excels in both batting and bowling departments, making him a versatile asset.
  • Big-tournament performer: Shakib’s exceptional performances in ICC tournaments highlight his ability to shine on the grandest stages.

Ravindra Jadeja vs. Shakib Al Hasan – ODI Numbers

While the statistics may portray Shakib as the frontrunner, it’s worth noting Jadeja’s recent resurgence and Shakib’s post-2019 performance dip. Both all-rounders play vital roles in their respective teams and will be key figures in the ongoing Asia Cup and the upcoming World Cup. Asia cup 2023 Asia cup 2023

PlayersMatchesRunsHighest Score50s/100sWicketsEconomy4s/5s
Ravindra Jadeja17725608713/01944.917/1
Shakib Al Hasan2367216134*53/93074.4310/4

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