Apple HomePod Now Offers Hands-Free Spotify Playback with iOS 17 Workaround

Introduction: A Workaround for Spotify on Apple HomePod

A clever workaround has emerged for Apple HomePod users, enabling them to stream music directly from Spotify without the need for their iPhone or a Mac. Although the process involves some specific prerequisites and a voice command to Siri, it offers a convenient way to enjoy Spotify on the HomePod. The Verge reports that to make this work, you’ll need an iPhone running iOS 17, a HomePod with software version 17, and the latest Spotify version, 8.8.72. Here’s how it works:

The Step-by-Step Process

  1. Ensure that your iPhone is running iOS 17.
  2. Make sure your HomePod is updated to software version 17.
  3. Ensure you have the latest Spotify version (8.8.72) installed on your devices.

Getting Spotify on HomePod

To play music from Spotify on your HomePod, simply issue a voice command to Siri on your HomePod. Ask Siri to play music from Spotify.

Permission and Authentication

Siri will request your permission to proceed with Spotify playback by stating, “To use Spotify, I’ll need to AirPlay from your iPhone.” You’ll then receive a banner on your iPhone’s screen asking for “Face ID authentication.” Apple HomePod Apple HomePod Apple HomePod Apple HomePod

Streaming Begins

Once you’ve completed the Face ID authentication, your HomePod will start streaming music seamlessly. However, it’s important to note that the experience may vary from case to case.

Case-By-Case Variations

As reported by The Verge, there isn’t a uniform process for everyone. In some instances, Siri will proceed without any further queries or actions, smoothly playing music from Spotify. However, in other cases, Siri may exhibit different behavior, potentially requiring more user input or interaction.

Potential Challenges

During testing, 9To5Mac encountered some challenges with Siri’s understanding and responsiveness. There were instances where Siri opened Spotify, while other times, it launched a different music app. This variability in Siri’s performance suggests that the experience may not be consistently smooth for all users.

Why Spotify Faces Challenges on HomePod

Spotify’s integration with HomePod has been complex due to the contentious relationship between Spotify and Apple. In 2019, Spotify filed a complaint with the European Commission, accusing Apple of anti-competitive practices, specifically targeting competing music streaming services like Spotify. This complaint led to an ongoing investigation, with the EU alleging that Apple breached European antitrust laws and might face a substantial fine of $39 billion.

Apple’s Efforts and Spotify’s Response

Apple has attempted to facilitate integration between HomePod and third-party music streaming apps by releasing a new API. This API allows music streaming apps to be controlled by Siri via HomePod. However, Spotify has chosen not to implement this software into its iOS app.

The Future of Their Relationship

While the workaround suggests some thawing in the relationship between Apple and Spotify, their interactions remain frosty. Recent events, such as Spotify’s removal of legacy subscribers paying through the App Store, indicate that their relationship may remain strained for the foreseeable future.

Conclusion: Exploring Smart Speaker Options

In the world of smart speakers, Apple HomePod’s newfound compatibility with Spotify offers an alternative for music lovers. For more smart speaker options in 2023, consider checking out TechRadar’s list of the best smart speakers. Apple HomePod Apple HomePod

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