AMD Partners with Hitachi Astemo to Enhance Vehicle Safety Through Advanced Camera Technology

AMD, a prominent player in chip manufacturing, has unveiled a strategic collaboration with leading mobility supplier Hitachi Astemo. The partnership aims to leverage AMD’s adaptive computing technology to empower Hitachi Astemo’s newly developed forward-looking camera system, designed for adaptive cruise control and autonomous emergency braking applications. This innovative camera system promises to significantly elevate vehicle safety by enhancing its vision capabilities.

The centerpiece of this collaboration is the AMD Automotive XA Zynq Ultra Scale+ multi-processor system-on-a-chip (MPSoC), which delivers exceptional stereo and monocular image processing capabilities within the camera. This advanced technology enables the camera to detect objects across an impressive field of view spanning over 120 degrees. Notably, this represents a remarkable threefold increase in the angle of visibility compared to the previous-generation cameras, thereby contributing to a substantial improvement in overall safety.

Makoto Kudo, Deputy Head of ECU Solution Business Unit within the Powertrain and Safety Systems Business Division at Hitachi Astemo, underscored the significance of AMD’s high-performance and scalable silicon. Kudo highlighted that AMD’s technology perfectly addresses the intricate demands of image signal processing required for their forward camera system.

Forward camera systems play a pivotal role in the realm of autonomous driving and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) deployed in modern vehicles. These systems are instrumental in enabling vehicles to consistently and accurately detect various objects and pedestrians, thereby enhancing safety on the road.

The collaboration between Hitachi Astemo and AMD takes advantage of stereo camera image-processing algorithms combined with artificial intelligence. This amalgamation equips the camera system to perform advanced object detection, a feature that will enable the implementation of video-based driver-assistance systems.

Yourself Khalilollahi, Corporate Vice President of APAC Sales at AMD, emphasized the vital role played by increased safety and accident prevention in the automotive industry. Khalilollahi expressed AMD’s pride in contributing foundational technology to these advanced camera systems.

From empowering in-vehicle infotainment systems to facilitating advanced driver-assistance systems, autonomous driving, and networking applications, AMD serves as a comprehensive solution provider for car manufacturers. AMD’s offerings encompass both silicon and software solutions, emphasizing the utmost importance of functional safety in automotive technology.

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