Alix Earle Addresses Controversial “Homewrecker” Allegations in Braxton Berrios and Sophia Culpo’s Breakup

Alix Earle, a social media influencer, has stepped forward to clarify and dispel allegations surrounding her involvement in the breakup between Miami Dolphins wide receiver Braxton Berrios and his former girlfriend, Sophia Culpo.

The Emergence of Cheating Rumors

Several months ago, Alix Earle and Braxton Berrios began making headlines due to their frequent appearances together. As they continued to be seen together, speculation arose, suggesting that Berrios had cheated on his then-girlfriend, Sophia Culpo.

Sophia Culpo and Braxton Berrios’ Relationship Timeline

Sophia Culpo, the younger sister of Olivia Culpo, had been in a romantic relationship with Braxton Berrios since 2021. However, by January 2022, rumors of a breakup began circulating. During this time, Alix Earle entered the picture as she was frequently spotted with Berrios, leading to accusations of infidelity from Sophia.

Setting the Record Straight on “Mistress” Allegations

Alex Cooper, host of the Call Her Daddy podcast, confronted Alix Earle about the internet’s labeling of her as a “mistress” and “homewrecker” in connection with her involvement with the NFL player.

When asked if she was involved with Berrios while he was in a relationship, Earle responded emphatically, stating, “I spent my childhood basically thinking that this is the worst thing you could do to another human. So why the f**k would I do that?”

Earle Clarifies Relationship Timing

During the podcast, Alix Earle reiterated Berrios’ previous Instagram story confession. She emphasized that she and the Dolphins star had only begun spending time together after Berrios and Sophia had already broken up. Without naming Sophia directly, Earle attributed the rumor mill’s operation to her ex-girlfriend’s online insinuations.

“The ex-girlfriend had started posting things alluding to unfaithfulness in the relationship online, and I was seen hanging out with this guy. So everyone kind of just pointed fingers at me,” Earle explained.

Seeking Clarity: Earle’s Quest for “Receipts”

Alix Earle disclosed that she promptly requested “receipts” from Braxton Berrios to gain a clear understanding of the situation. She candidly admitted to being highly diligent in her efforts, saying, “You know I was asking for the receipts. Like, right away I was probably more psycho than she was. I was like there‚Äôs just no f*****g way this happened. Like, I was checking everything.”

From Romance to Friendship

At present, Alix Earle and Braxton Berrios are not romantically involved; they have transitioned into a friendship. Recently, Earle was spotted supporting Berrios and the Miami Dolphins in a TikTok video during their matchup against the New England Patriots. The Dolphins emerged victorious with a 24-17 score, and in the video’s conclusion, she was seen wearing Berrios’ jersey, sporting his No. 0.

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